Mac: Problems when I want to save a document

Hi, I am using Cubase 9.5.3 on a Mac pro primo 2008, normally it runs without hiccups, but suddenly it hangs and crashes, when I want to save my projects. I tried to delete the preferences and installing the newest version of Cubase, repairing disk permission, ressetting the NVRAM or PRAM, but nothing helps. OS X is Yosemite. I hope anybody can help, cause I am finishing my release right now. Any help is appreciated.

I have attached the crash report here, hopefully anybody can point me in the right direction.

Best regards Bo

Hi and welcome,

To be able to resolve the crash, I need the source *.crash file. Please attach it here.

Hi Martin, thank you for the reply. I cant upload the word file with the crash file, which filetype should I use? I have uploaded the file on onedrive, see the link in the first reply. Thank you.


Don’t use Word at all. Just attach the source *.crash file, please. Just drag-and-drop it from Console. Thanks.

I can see the file you uploaded, but it’s word, and the formatting changed, so I can’t resolve it.

Hi again Martin, thanks for the help. I have attached it now.

Br Bo
Cubase 9.5_2018-09-28-223035_bo-alsworth-tvedes-mac-pro.crash (121 KB)