Mac probook mid 2015 mojave 10.14.6 firewire firmware issue


Some how my “new” probook don’t work whit mreditor and it seem like that issue might be whit firewire cos computer don’t find my mr816 unit. My old probook work just fine whit mreditor v1.7.9 but new does not find unit. Both have same security setting and I just don’t get why not.

My new probook is 15" mid 2015 and old is probook 13" early 2015. They both have Mojave 10.14.6 and V1.7.9 mreditor pack. When I try to open mreditor it says that can not use Yamaha Steinberg FW driver And when I try to open FW control panel info is failed to open control panel

I have reinstall all several times but sama every time.
Any ideas?