Mac quitting issue

Since upgrading to C9.0.1, I have discovered that, on occasion, Cubase 9.0.1 will hang on quitting. Normally, I wouldn’t be bothered by this because I would simply invoke Force Quit to shut the program down completely. But here’s the real issue: once Force Quit is used, the program can no longer be relaunched unless you log out and back in or restart the computer. That’s report-worthy to me.

I have not found a consistent way to duplicate this issue. It has been quite random so far. I have observed this phenomena approximately 5 times since 9.0.1 was released.

Well, I think I found what sets off these kinds of crashes. And I can now reproduce fairly consistently.

Apparently, Cubase 9 can’t deal all that well with projects created from earlier versions of Cubase (these can be Projects as far back as SX-3) in 32bit mode. Attempting to remove offending 32 bit plugins, some which no longer exist, from the Instrument Rack or Instrument Tracks will crash the program, and as originally stated, crash it so badly, a restart or logout/login is required to get Cubase to relaunch. I’ve got the crash logs saved.

My workaround is now to open them in Cubase 7.5 in 32 bit mode, clean out the Instrument Rack/Track, save and reopen in Cubase 9.0.10 and rebuild from there.

These are serious crashes because of the restart/logout requirement to get Cubase operational again. It’s almost the same as crashing the OS. If anyone from Steinberg is reading this, you should take this one really serious. This is bad juju.