Mac QWERTY up/down octave as you go

I am finding Dorico quite intuitive, shifting my 30+ years of Finale instincts to this new workflow.

I found in these posts that entering notes using the qwerty keyboard, I can enter a note in a lower octave (say, down a sixth instead of up a 3rd) by holding the control key. I can find no keyboard key modifier (or combination of such keys) to get this to work in the opposite direction, say entering a note up a sixth instead of down a third.

I know I can shift it after the fact (on Mac, opt-cmd up/down arrow).

Does anyone know if this is working? And if so, what that modifier would be?

David F

Alt + Shift


This is Mac. Control works for octave down. Control+shift does not work for octave up – nor does any single or double key combination using shift, control, option, and command (plus the letter to enter the note).

Alt(option) + Shift works for me on a Mac

Thanks! It works. I was trying to force a 10th up instead of a 3rd, and that doesn’t work. But for inverting 2nd, 3rd, 4th down, opt-shift works great.

*** Edited*****

I found it… It is the actual Control key on a Mac to go down.

Maybe I am slightly confused…

If I use opt+shift, then enter a note name using the computer keyboard, the note goes into the next octave above. Works for me just fine.

How do I get the note to enter the octave below? The example is I have is alternating octave Cs. I see how once I enter the lower octave C, I can press opt+shift to get the next octave C. But what about when I am trying to come back down?



Yes, control on Mac for entering qwerty note down (when it otherwise would go up).