Mac reboot when UR 242 plugged


I just bought a new config (Mac + UR242) and everything is working just fine on Cubase. But i’m having a strange problem when i try to turn off my computer, it restarts automatically, same happens when i tried to turn off the UR 242 (Computer crashed and reboot).
Is anyone having some troubles like this ?

Thanks a lot for your answers,

Which OS version are you using ? If it’s Sierra i wouldn’t be surprised, since is still Beta.

Hi, i’m on Sierra, it was pre-installed on my new computer. I saw the warning on Steinberg’s site just after I bought all my new gear. I’ll have to wait until drivers are up to date before i can turn it off.



Have the same problem, only when install Sierra…

I has the same problem. UR242 with latest drivers crashes Siearra. MacOs shows black screen and reboot them.
I solved it with new driver reinstallation.