Mac saving, Windows no effect

Hi Everyone!

Some bizarre things happen on my dual-system!
Now, I am editing all my Pro Tools audio work on my MacBook Pro, transferring into my USB pen drive, then to Win 7 and bam!
Nothing! I said nothing has left of my editing work. The audio file is intact. No edit actions, the file is raw, it is like it had been recorded etc.
What is happening?
I came home last night (2.30 am) from my downtown studio to my suburbia CR and… Disaster!
A client’s deadline is the morning.


I can’t tell if this post is supposed to be a joke. Too much vague and missing info. There is no mention of Wavelab in the post.

It is pretty cryptic.

If the work was done in a Wavelab montage, did you only ‘Save’, or also ‘Render’? Render is crucial to end up with newly created files.

But then, I’m also just guessing - please describe your problem. What did you do, what was on the flash drive etc…