(MAC)Screen turns white with clicking in the Key editor


My issue is about turning white screen with clicking anything in the Key editor.

Everything is working, but I cannot see the details during mouse clicking.

I found same problems on web, but there is no solution.

I don’t think it is because of graphic card issue or kind of 32/64 bit.

I cannot upload video, so here are captured image.

Anybody can help me?

_M1max + Cubase 8.5

Cubase 8.5 is not supported on the new Macintosh computers. To get it to work you need to upgrade to the latest Cubase version.

is cubase 9 also not supported in Monterey macOS Im facing the same problem, I can’t even see the waveform



Cubase 11 is the only one, which supports macOS 12.

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