[Mac] Sideways scroll in Mixer broken?

This is a long shot but can anyone confirm that sideways scrolling in the mixer only works to the left?

I probably have a unique setup here because I use a Logitech mouse with tilting scroll wheel. I don’t use the Apple Super mouse or whatever they call it.

Mouse will scroll the project window in both directions, as expected.


Don’t know if this is going to be much help, but I have a “Gearhead” wireless keyboard/mouse combo that has a tilt wheel, and scrolling sideways in the mixer does work in both directions.


thanks Steve, it must be something about my Logitech mouse then.

I notice it all scrolls very smoothly with the trackpad on my MBP.

Can anyone with a scrolling Apple mouse confirm that it will scroll the mixer both ways whilst hovering over the mixer itself, not just when over the scroll bar at the bottom of the mixer window? (My Logitech mouse scrolls correctly when placed over this, but doesn’t when it’s over the mixer)


I will add that there is some weirdness regarding it- I use USB Overdrive http://www.usboverdrive.com as the driver for the mouse I was talking about; I had to delete settings and let USB Overdrive remake them for it to work properly. Could there be a driver issue, and have you checked out that program?

Hi, I’ve been having this problem too with a mighty mouse and a mac pro. the sideways mixer scrolling seems to randomly not work - i haven’t been able to find any pattern to it.