MAC: Sliding inside audio event key command?


I!ve just moved to Mac from Windows and took Cubase with me of course. Everything is fine, I only have one problem: key commands.

I need to “slide inside audio event” (for example to fix live recorded kick drum groove by moving it where it should be), but don’t know how. The solution under windows would be: Slice the part of audio event I want to move and than CTRL-drag. I can’t do that under Mac. Neither shift-alt-drag or alt-drag or ctrl-drag or cmnd-drag works… Googling a solution for this problem seems to be impossible.

Thans for a hint. BTW I’m using the last MacBook Pro.

Open the key commands window and use the search, then look, what command is assigned…

It’s a tool modifier you need, not a key command-

The default is command-option drag, and it can be customized in
Preferences >Editing >Tool modifiers >Select Tool

Thanks a lot!

i just googled and forumed the hell out of the same question…after much ado it ended up being just command+option/alt. BUT…you have to make the part a bit shorter at one end or it wont let you move any audio at all…

You can’t slid what you don’t have!