Mac Studio: Cubase 12 Disappointing Performance

Yes I discovered that early on. I am indeed in Rosetta. Many plugs don’t even show up in M1 mode.
In Rosetta specifically to have access to most plugins.

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Yes C12 native is a double whammy because plugins have to be M1 and VST3.

I use BlueCat patchwork to open native VST2 or Intel AU plugins in C12 native mode. Its not perfect but it helps.

I have about 1200 plugins and most of mine are now M1 and either VST2 or VST3. So it is getting there.

I just use it in native mode with Bluecat Patchwork for DSP UAD plugins or SSL. But mostly i try to use the native plugins I have.

Any downside to using Bluecat?

Some plugins not will not open.

It let me open Output - Movement and use it but when i reopened the project it cause it to crash, same with Sound Toys decapitator. Sound Toys has M1 and VST3 public beta now so that resolved that one.

All i can say is it works most of the time fine, had a couple of bad plug-in experiences with it. But in general it works great.