Mac Studio M1 Max RAM

I’m currently running Cubase 12 on a 2010 Mac Pro running Monterey. I had to migrate to this machine when the Control Room became inoperative on my 2013 Mac Pro.

It works fine, but I am no longer able to use my Thunderbolt devices despite multiple attempts to add a Titan Ridge TB card, so I’m considering buying a Mac Studio.

The question I have is whether 32GB is a sufficient amount of RAM for Cubase 12 and its follow-ons. If anyone is using a 32GB Mac Studio M1 Max I’d appreciate your comments.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It highly depend on the projects type and size you are working with. How many tracks do you use, what kind of tracks, how many plug-ins do you use, do you have lot’s of cuts in your projects?

I’m using MBPro M1 with 32GB RAM. It’s perfectly fine for me.