Mac Tip: Add Dorico Template to folder

Here’s a little tip for Mac users. I’ve created a Quick Action in Automator to add my Dorico Template to the selected folder. That way, I can easily create a New folder and add the template file to start a new project.

  1. Launch Automator and create a new Quick Action (“Services” prior to Mojave)
  2. Set the workflow to receive folders in the Finder.
  3. Add “Set Value of Variable”, and name the variable “Path”.
  4. Add Get Specified Finder Items. Drag your Dorico file onto the list there, (or click Add…)
  5. Click on Options for this unit and select “Ignore this action’s input”. (This stops the folder itself being copied! Otherwise you get crazy duplicates.)
  6. Add “Copy Finder Items”. You’ll need to drag the Path variable from the bottom of the window onto the drop-down list.
  7. Save with a memorable name.

Now, you can add the Project to any folder with a right click. I’ve also made one that adds my front matter DTP template. You can obviously make as many as you like!

Screenshot 3.png

Awesome! Will consider incorporating it in my workflow