Mac: Uninstall Nuendo prev. versions

Is there a description how to uninstall previous Nuendo versions on Mac?
I want to keep just version 5.5.

But I want to do it the right way :wink:

No one?


If you’re keeping v5.5 then go to the /Applications folder, find the Nuendo 5 folder, verify there’s a separate Nuendo 5.5 folder, then delete the Nuendo 5 folder. Easy. The rest of the stuff can stay.

I’m not sure if there’s a separate preferences folder for Nuendo 5.5; if so you can delete the older Nuendo 5 preferences. Go to ~/Library/Preferences and look for the Nuendo 5 folder. If there’s a separate one for Nuendo 5.5 (I haven’t installed v5.5 yet) then you can safely delete the Nuendo 5 folder.


Thanks, Hugh. I’ll do my best :slight_smile: