mac upgrade with 8 cores in cubase?

looking to upgrade my old mac i5 2.7 quad core 32mb still works ok but is really suffering when i have a few virtual instruments open.
was looking at a second hand xeon 3.0ghz 8 core this seems to be much faster according to the benchmark tests

however does cubase make use of these cores to increase performance? i have seen an alarming amount of posts talking about cubase’s performance being unacceptably poor with multi cores. i currently ahvea quad core and have noticed myself if i have 2 virtual synths open like ominisphere and a few kontakt instruments the cpu meter shoots up, add a few effects and it’s grinding to a halt and eventually crashing.

it’s weird because it doesn’t seem to be an issue in logic pro,which is why loads of my friends have left cubase, but i’m not as good in logic and ideally would like to stick with cubase.

anyone using an 8 core mac in cubase 9.5? is it ok?

I’m using a 6 core 8700K and Cubase flies. After upgrading from a 4 core with similar clock speed I’d say I’m getting exactly what I paid for - a 50% boost in performance (number of instruments, etc.). I’ve read that the sweet spot for performance for Cubase is 7 cores, so you’ll most certainly get some good utilisation from an 8 core Xeon. And of course you have hyper threading on top, which your i5 (depending on model) may not have.

thanks Steve!

Yeah I’m on 8-core and I dont have any problems.

If you’re using kontakt / halion load up each instrument with a different instance of the vst and it’ll utilise the separate cores.