Mac User : Which Windows 7 Version

Needing to install WIN7 on my macpro 3,1 today in order to update firmware on some SSD’s. No other alternative unfortunately. Want to be able to use the WIN7 later on a test PC build which I’ll want to try nuendo on, but probably just use for VEP.

I’ve trawled the knowledge base, but cannot for the life of me find details of what version of WIN7 I should be buying, and if there is a setup guide for it at all?

I feel like I’m wading back into VERY VERY murky waters, where good, concise information is difficult to find. (Last machines I had running windows were XP Pro machines… and thats a while ago!)

Any help appreciated - including just links to info.

Cheers, Brendan.

for audio windows 7 64 bits professional is fine. It’s better to buy the blue box, because if you buy OEM version you won’t be able to install it again if you change your computer. Windows 7 home is fine too (green box), but I have no experience with it.

If you are on PC just insert the cd on your computer and follow the instructions, it’s pretty straightforward and it won’t take too long (15 min or so), but if you need to have it on your MAC I have no idea how do you set up bootcamp or dual boot on Macs.

+1 for W7 Professional 64bit.


I use Home and that’s really enough. The differences are only with some networking stuff, so unless you do very complicated stuff over your home network you really don’t need anything other than home in my experience.

As seen here:

What you’re missing out on: automatic backup via network, xpmode (Which I’ve never needed, everything so far I could run using compatability modes), Domain join which iirc is just a wizard for connecting to VPN’s etc, some USB security thing I’m not too sure about what it does and the ability to switch windows language after installation. At a pricedifference of €100,-. I know what I’d do :slight_smile:

shop around btw, some stores are significantly cheaper than the microsoft store. I got 2 W7 home premium 64 for €140 from amazon a year ago.

One thing to consider is Home Premium’s 16GB RAM limit.

my input is this, check the driver availability of your input an control devices. many do not have 64 bit drivers.

the only real advantage to going 64 bit over 32 is the amount of memory the OS can address. if you have 4. gigs or less then the 32 bit is all you need.

that being said, if you can not get the 64 bit drivers you can run 32 bit with more then 4 gigs of ram installed, you just wont be able to see the ram above 4 gigs.

I am actually oint that right now. TASCAM does not have 64 bit drivers for my DM-24 firewire card. I have 16 gigs but right now I m only seeing 4

one more thing, 32 bit does run faster then 64 bit,

I hope this helps,

If you have slave PCs that do not have a monitor and you want to be able to RDP (remote desktop ) into them (view their desktop on your main Win computer), they will have to be running Pro or Ultimate.

I have found street prices of Ultimate to be so little more than Pro that I just go for Ultimate.
If you already have Home Premium, you can do an Anytime Upgrade to Ultimate direct with Microsoft, where they just send you a new key that unlocks the extra functionality.