Mac users: 6.04 UD working ok for you?

As the subject says, just wondering if the 6.04 UD is working ok for Mac users and if not, what issues you may be having. Thanks in advance for your replies

Aloha b,

.04 seems to be woikin’ fine here so far.

The ‘clik’ prob is gone but C6.04 still takes longer
than I would like for it to:


Same song using C5 is much faster at those three tasks.


Thanks for your reply, Curt-is there an advantage for you using 6.04 over 6.02? I have a very stable system at the moment and don’t want to risk any problems if there’s not. I know there were issues for some with 6.03-have they been fixed?

Not for me.

Seems .04 fixed the clik/audio prob caused by .03.

I am still running .02 on my laptop.


I’m contemplating switching to 6, primarily for the 64-bit thing. How is it working for you guys? Big improvement?

I’ve got 12 GB of RAM basically doing nothing in my machine and wanna put it to use. How’s compatibility for plug-ins and instruments? I use HalionSonic, Komplete8, EWQL Goliath (PLAY3+iLok) and Garritan Steinway (ARIA player). They are all said to be compatible but at the same time I hear that the iLok is NOT compatible.

I’m not at 64 bit yet because of a few plug-ins, but am nearly ready to make the move. I also have almost all the vi’s you mention and quite a few other plugs that require iLok and have absolutely no problems on 6.02-rock solid system at the moment

OK. C6 has nothing that I need except for the 64-bit thing. It would be the only reason to upgrade for me. I hear that HalionOne was replace by HalionSonicSE. How is backward-compatibility? Can you still open old projects that use HalionOne sounds?

I think I’m all ready to switch: except for the iLok but I only have EWQL Goliath on that and they say that PLAY v3 is 64-bit so I guess I’m good to go.


I’m still on 6.02, but 64 bit works very smoothly as long as you don’t try to bridge older plug-ins. I’ve had crasges doing that, so now I only use 32 bit plugs in VE Pro.

Btw-time stretching is MUCH MUCH better on 6.

Since I installed the .04 update, I have had the following problems;

Unstable MIDI and foreign MIDI events that cause program changes at random, stuck notes and the most annoying one of all, missed notes. All happens perfectly randomly. Also noted that when playing a string orchestra using an external drive for samples and EWQL SO Platinum, my Mac Book Pro with 6 gb ram, my laptop fans start to scream half way through the project. They don’t calm down until about 30 seconds after you hit the stop button. Test do not reveal any CPU or Memory spikes, and the only thing I can think of is that the Expresscard that transfers the data from the external drive to the computer must be getting hot.


Just to chime in again.

I am noticing that everyone responding to this thread is using 10.6xxx.
(zephonic’s post do not say what OS is used)

Keep in mind that once we all move to 10.7
(I am still waiting for SampleTank 3 and new n12 drivers)
things in C6 that use ‘Rosetta’ (VST Bridge/ HalionOne etc) will no longer work.


I am so glad you mentioned that, as I am getting ready to buy a new MAC Book Pro and I am wondering if I can get it 10.6 installed instead of Lion.

Aloha R, From what I have been reading/hearing on podcasts,
the answer will be no.
But I may be wrong on this.

You might just have to:
1-find a copy of 10.6 (maybe you already own it)
2-Completly wipe Lion from the hard drive of the new 'puter.
3-Install 10.6.

Perhaps some Mac geniuses will chime in with alternatives.

6.4 on Lion good for me.

Aloha r, good to read.

Does HAO or any of the older 32 bit plugs work in 10.7?
Or are you only using C6 in ‘vanilla’ mode? (no 3rd party stuff)


I’m on 10.6.8 and no plans to move to Lion anytime soon. I normally wait 6-9 months before I jump to a new OS. Are you sure HalionOne is ‘Rosetta’ code? I depend on that for a lot of stuff, and if that is out the window, it’s a dealbreaker. Are you saying it DOES work in 64-bit but not in Lion, or it does not work in 64-bit at all?

I know older stuff like Tonic/Embracer/Monologue is on the way out, but I thought HalionOne wasn’t part of the old ish.
Does HalionSonicSE cover ALL of the HalionOne stuff? I have the full version but it can’t replace all of HalionOne’s stuff.

With all these if’s and but’s I wonder if it would be better to get VEP instead of updating to C6. You know, just carry on with C5.5.3 in 32-bit and let VEP handle the 64-bit stuff.

Your correct, I will have to get 10.6 and wipe and reinstall. That is a bummer. I only want the new MAC Book pro for the thunderbolt port and to get 8 gn ram into it. I have a feeling that the thunderbolt port and compatable external drive are going to elliminate lots of problems with loading samples, crashes, hangups and clicks and pops. Ten times faster than eSATA - Thunderbolt is!

And imagine that external drive to be an SSD
and now you have some serious speed.

I too have concern about this because I have over
400 songs (for live use) and many many of them use HAO.
Once I move to Lion there will be hours and hours of transferring
to do from HAO to HASE. Like you I am not sure Lion is worth it.

Find more info here:


[/quote] With all these if’s and but’s I wonder if it would be better to get VEP instead of updating to C6. You know, just carry on with C5.5.3 in 32-bit and let VEP handle the 64-bit stuff.[/quote]

C6 @ 32 bit is totally functional as we are accustomed to so no fear from 5 to 6. Depending on your plug in needs, 64 bit is still an issue and I will stay where I am for a while, but probably not long. Lion also appears (for me) to be nearly available as well

Thanks to everyone for their input-please keep documenting your experiences- many OSX users are upgrading in varying degrees and all this info is helpful