Mac users: 64 bit Cubase 8.0.5 & Yosemite?

As the subject says, I’m just curious as to how 64 bit 8.0.5 and Yosemite are working together. Although I’ve seen some are having success with Yosemite, I’ve been waiting for things to settle down before upgrading. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance

Aloha b,

So glad you asked.

I must say F*ing GREAT!

I got a new stage/live ax for xmas (MacBookPro maxed out)
and a new Cubase (8P) and I am having a f*ing ball.

Everything is working like a charm. Smooth fast and great looking as well.

This is just one guys opinion so YMMV. Good Luck!


Great, thanks Curt- that’s what I like to hear!

C8 has been working fine for me as well- a few little things but no deal breakers. I was concerned in that there’s been no official C8 update for Yosemite and 8.0.5 makes no mention either so this was the kind of feedback I was hoping to hear :slight_smile:

First impressions were fantastic, but once I get properly into a project the cracks appear. Too many crashes for me to use, so I’m back on 7.5.3.

I haven’t had any issues other than the mixer not remember it’s zoom level. I actually have not had one crash and I’ve done some pretty good 6-8 hour sessions with it recently.

Thanks for your input guys, I appreciate it

Not quite b.

It is true that there is no official update for C7.5./Yosemite.
That may be coming next month. (Feb) Fingers crossed.

However C8P IS officially compatible with Yosemite right now.

Check here for compatibility of all Steiny products:


Cool, I didn’t know that Curt… I wondered if the fact that I hadn’t seen anything specifically about it for C8 that I could assume it was written for Yosemite as well. Looking forward to upgrading- thanks again

All good here with CP8.05 & Yosemite (in fact was fine w/ 7.5 as well) - aside from the other well-documented bugs, no real deal breakers there tho’. FYI, CP8 is written for Yosemite (see System requirements) nor does it require the Steinberg Application installer tool (which works rather well all of their earlier products).