Mac Users & AntiVirus Software

I was running Sophos along with Cubase for years without issue but a recent update with Sophos really taxed my system when my DAW was active. I know the Mac ecosystem is fairly resilient on its own but the integrated OS & iOS environment is becoming more susceptible to attacks. What are others using with success…light on CPU but Cubase-friendly?


Aloha S and great question.

I use ‘avoidance’. :slight_smile:

Except for upgrades’/updates my main ax never goes on line.

Not a perfect system but has worked just fine till now.

Good Luck!

LOL…I seem to remember that same advice from my high school home-ec teacher concerning bugs of another nature.

Ha! Good one!

But on a serious note I would love to know how other Mac users are dealing with this.

There has recently been much more virus/malware stuff out there
for Mac than there ever has been. So best to be aware.


One of the great things about Mac’s is the ability to use an external boot drive. So I downloaded a copy of Super Duper and cloned my internal hd to my external USB 3 hd and I then use the external drive for web surfing and the internal hd for my music. If the external hd gets corrupted I can just erase it and re-clone it.