Mac users: Can i safely revert back to C 6.5 ?

Hi there,

Me 2 suffering from awful performance in cubase 7.01 (while having a beast of computer core i7, 8 cores, 32 gig ram, running 10.8.2).
So i want to install Cubase 6 trial and then cubase 6.5 update.
Can i do this safely without harming my c7.01 install ?
How about my custom keycommands file, can i use it in c 6.5 ?

Aloha v and yes!

I have C5.x/C6.x/C7.x all on the same 'puter and have
no probs running either version.

Not sure about ‘trial’ versions tho’.

HTH (hope this helps)

If you have the original installation media of C 6 I would take these for reinstall.

Have you ever tried to switch off ASIO guard? Some tell having no more performance problems without AG.

Hi !

I downloaded C6 trial version from Steinberg FTP.
Afterwards installed Cubase 6.5.4 update.
All the installs went ok.
C 6.5 runs fine for me, seems that nothing is missing or other weird issues.

I had ASIO guard disabled in C7 but didn’t change much in performance. :smiling_imp: