Mac users: Cubase SX 3 file conversion no longer available

This isn’t late breaking news, but worth posting imo.

Mac users can no longer simply run Cubase SX 3 in order to convert old VST files.

SX 3 was a PowerPC app, and Apple dropped PowerPC emulation from Mac OS 10.7

Short of purchasing a Windows license and running it in Virtual Box (or maintaining old machines) there’s no way to to access these old files on one’s own.

edit: It looks like you can install an older version of OS X inside Virtual Box (from Oracle) to achieve this. I haven’t had time to test it though. Is someone using this method?

Can Macs be multi-booted with older versions of OSX?

Well, I guess it might possible to do that. It requires partitioning a drive and installing 10.6 or older. Also requires rebooting to use.

I haven’t tried to install OS X in a Virtual Box running in OS X.

Not good.
And another hint not to use a Mac.

It’s not a hint to not to use a mac. There are advantages to both platforms. Please don’t turn this thread in to something it’s not.

Steve, I use both, a PC and a Mac. And I like both.
But for me, it annoys me that old plugins and softwares no longer run on a new Mac system. Which is a known real problem.

I responded like that because of the irrational “debate” that rears it’s ugly head with the slightest provocation. I do not want to invite that. Instead alternate solutions to the problem should be sought. NWP posted one possibility…

Actually, I just had a look in Virtual Box and you can create a virtual OS X install. I didn’t try it yet, but it looks feasible. I’ll edit my OP.

Virtual Box is free.

This is why I always take the time to clone my systems.
And ever since I started using laptops I’ve made every effort to keep my old computers in a closet JIC I need to resurrect an antique project for a client.

I recently pulled out my 2002 titanium PowerBook, booted VST32 and exported stems for my client.
Whenever I use SX to translate the files there’s always tons of missing automation and plugs.

My current future-proofing tactic is to print stems on all my projects so I won’t have to depend on an antique computer & software to resurect old work.

Can’t you also use Rosetta for PowerPC apps or is that what you’re saying was dropped?

Yes, Rosetta was dropped in 10.7.

Now that is solid.

I will definitely second that! :wink:
Actually answered this post earlier with commendations, but then the Forum glitched and I lost the post :frowning:

When installing something in the virtual environment you will encounter problems with dongles, Maybe it will work but it’s a possible brain hazard :confused:

What about installing a virtual windows machine :mrgreen: ?

The dongle does work in a virtual Windows install, Virtual Box can take over the port. As far as installing Mac OS I tried using the DVD from 10.6 anmd Virtual Box stalled before it could install it. I don’t know enough to solve that problem, and probably won’t try, since I have access to an actual and a virtual Windows install.

This whole thing started (for me) because I installed SX 3 and discovered it was a Power PC exclusive app.

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General purpose rant:

This is exactly the kind of thing that SB can and should PRE-WARN users about. If you’re going to drop such support you should advertise as such at least a YEAR ahead of time to give users time to prepare.

This is the kind of issue that you may not even be aware of until it bites you in the ass a year -after- you upgrade and don’t realise you’re screwed.

Said it before, say it again: BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY should be a -much- higher priority throughout the audio/video industry. The idea that a project that is less than 10 years old may be unreadable is ridiculous.

I agree with you Suntower. I suppose Steinberg would answer that it wasn’t them who made SX stop working on Mac, but Apple by not continuing to license Rosetta (for whatever reason).

In any case I’d be happy to help out, time allowing, in converting a file or two, if needed.

Very kind. It was more a general purpose rant. Here’s another…

I’m on Windows so it’s a non-issue. However… I frequently open material from SX1 or even (gasp) VST32 and thus have to keep a whole squadron of Cubases installed simply to work on older ideas.

Imagine how much great art in photography or movies or even audio tape would be lost if the media had an 10 year shelf life.

I am -appalled- at the disregard DAW companies have for anything ‘legacy’. Mark my words young’uns: there will come a time when you’ll all rue the day. My only regret is that I’ll be in the home and won’t be able to laugh at you.