Mac users, does 10 full screen?

Can I press the little green button in Cubase and have it go full screen like my other Mac apps yet?

Yes you can :slight_smile: but it still won’t put Cubase into true fullscreen mode like it would do in Bitwig or some other apps…

That’s what I’m after. True full screen like Logic does so I don’t have the dock wasting valuable space on my screen. Is this hard to program for some reason? Seems so strange not to be done.

Why would your dock waste space on your screen? Simply set it to auto hide is system prefs.

Because I find that method irritating. I’m sure others do too. Hence the full screen mode in Apple apps.

my number one request too. you can hide the dock and you can also hide the menubar on top, but still we have the gray windowbar on project and mixerwindow, taking equal space to a track in the projectwindow or a pluginslot in the mixer. It was right in c7 and 7.5 (in the mixerwindow) I want it back. which one looks better of these two? I have by default hidden the menubar.

Well that’s disappointing. I just got Cubase and was hoping I could work in true fullscreen too.

Well me too!! just bought cubase 10 and no full screen is disapointing thing. hope they fix it soon or it will be a shame.

Vote for this too. Simply need some more space for Cubase on my 13-inch MBP.