Mac Users - Experience & Thoughts of Cubase 8.

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Some of the Cubase 8 verdicts are in! We’ve heard some improvements with speed, some users say otherwise. From a mac standpoint it would be fantastic to hear from the mac expereince especially from using the new OS X Yosemite.

We know all the windows / PC version can be quite different, love to hear some hands on experience and consolidate the thread. So Id like to startup a mac thread for people like me on the fence for the upgrade!

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Yes please all mac Users Post your experience here with performance and real time peaks with cubase 8.
I’m on cubase 7.5 on osx 10.8.5 and have a lot of real time peaks problems and the whole performance feels very slowly. I got a Mac Pro 4.1 intel Xeon 8 Core early 2009 with 12 gb ram and cubase runs as 64 bit

All my 32 bit are bridged with jbridgeM and I have rme babyface interface. So I don’t know why I get these big real time peaks only when a few plugins are loaded like NI kontakt’s Drum lab or abbey road modern drummer etc.

Hope with cubase 8 these issues are gone but I’m afraid they’re not.

Lets try to centralize the mac posts folks so we can hear some real world results for OS X version of Cubase 8. Here are few of my personal questions for those of you that have experienced the software update.

  1. How are you finding Yosemite compatibility?
  2. Any performance increase / load time enhancements?
  3. Stability / Crashing on quit?
  4. Real time peaks?
  5. Multicore handling with Kontakt?
  6. Asio guard 2 on and off testing. What kind of results?

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I am on 10.9 on a 2008 Mac Pro. C8 is mostly great, with some definite first-version flakiness. I am seeing some huge problems with crashing on opening and closing projects.
Sometimes it crashes before even opening a project.
It took six attempts to open a project I had been working on the night before. It then heads into a sea of stability and will be fine for a while, but it seems it’s just a matter of time before I’ll see the dreaded crash bug reporter.

Hopefully they’ll get this sorted out in the first update.

As I said in many posts, I’ve still problems with Melodyne and other plugs. Performance is not better than before in CPU spiking and asio, except for save and load much faster than before. GUI is not fast, and Retinadisplays are not supported. The audio make some strange things, rise up the mac volume of 6db after Cubase launch. Bounce in place works only in stereo, no mono tracks supported, and so on, long way to run…

ok that sounds really bad :cry:
It’s a reason more 4 me not to upgrade yet!
So I really do believe my perfomance issues that I have now on 7.5 are still not gone with this upgrade!

So far, I’m kinda happy.

On the Plus Side:

Bounce in place (FINALLY!!!)
Chords buttons = fun and useful

On the Minus Side:

Air Music Tech - Riser - CRASHES (Cubase Unexpectedly Quit)
Sausage Fattener - CRASHES (Cubase Unexpectedly Quit)

Worth the upgrade…? Well VCA faders sounds nice…
But “Bounce in place” is great… so yes I guess…

But the crashing plugs thing has to be fixed ASAP,
and not by their manufacturers but by Steinberg, as they both work fine in 7.5


Osx 10.9.5
Mac Pro mid 2010 2x2.66 6-core Xeon
16GB Ram

ok and you are on a MAC ?? If so could you please tell us on which system, which OS ??

I find cubase 8 to work really well…no particular problems compared to 7.5.

Real time performance( i:e monitoring armed tracks though cubase) is way better with ASIO guard 2 activated.

Osx 10.9.5
Mac Pro mid 2010 2x2.66 6-core Xeon
16GB Ram

It’s clearly early days for C8. Very impressed so far, but getting a lot more crashes than in 7.5.3. Give it 6 months and it will be amazing.

Mac Pro 2008 8 core (still kicks ass!) on Yosemite running Cubase 8 really nice except for an occasional crash.
Crashes seem to happen when using certain third party plugins.
I haven’t banged on C8 long enough to be sure which ones.
You have to make sure you have the latest updated plugins of course.
Air Music Technology plugins will not pass startup and gets blacklisted.
I love Velvet so I’m bumbed…
Which leads me to ask, why use so many third party plugins?
Cubase 8 has really really good built in stuff I’ve overlooked too long.
Need some EQ, Comp or whatever? Try the Channel EQ and channel strip stuff.
You 'll be surprised and that’s coming from someone who’s spent way too much money on all the “cool” plugins.
One other thing, having been a Cubase user since 3.0 I can tell you from experience opening a project created in a previous version will awaken gremlins.
So far with C8 has been very smooth.
Asio guard 2 is fantastic.
Hope this helps someone.

“Good” to hear that AIR gets blacklisted. Had the same issue and opened a list on the issues page of plugs that crash Cubase Pro 8.

So far Sausage fattener and AIR plugs are known.

Please add to my post for everyones benefit, and to get Steinberg to fix it ASAP:

I’m on a late 2012 iMac 3.4ghz i7 running 10.9.5. I’ve found C8 to be a joy to use so far. I’ve had a few crashes with ‘render in place’ but on the whole I’ve found everything much smoother and snappier than 7.5. The mixer loads much quicker and East West Play and Kontakt were almost unusable for me in 7.5 and performance with those two has been dramatically improved.

What a fantastic piece of software - a real blessing to have. Now I can use Pro Tools and Logic less and less.

Hackintosh machine, 10.8.4
The performance with ASIO Guard off seems the same, but the “feel” of scrolling/clicking is somewhat smoother.
When ASIO Guard is on, works wonderful for me - previously i had to constantly switch buffer size and hit Constrain Delay Compensation when recording live parts to an already big projects, but now i don’t touch at all. This is a really big change for me.
Can’t use glitchy workspaces for now, pretty sad, but 3 MixConsoles and visibility configurations are enough for my workflow.
Slate VCC stopped hanging, happy for that. NI Komplete plugins crash no so often now))
Disabling Instrument tracks makes life easier for me too.
Love the QuadraFuzz and Multiband Envelope - strangely but these are exactly the types of plugins I didn’t buy.
MixConsole not always on top annoys me a bit.
Direct Outputs is really nice - gotta integrate it accurately to my arranging template and exporting stems/backing tracks will get faster.

All in all i’m happy with the update and hope to see some problems fixed earlier than 8.5 is out for another 50 euros. :slight_smile:

I keep two installs going—one is my main setup, carefully kept as clean as possible. OS X is installed clean each time I decide to upgrade. The other is my sandbox—I overwrite-upgrade to latest OS X without care.

In the sandbox, I upgraded to 10.10. Tonight, I just tried installing C8 on it—and C8 won’t even open. About 5 seconds and BOOM: Crash Reporter.

Wonder why? Many people seem to be running it in Yosemite!

No problems of note.

Definitely. Sessions load a bit faster, but overall audio engine stability (especially with ASIO Guard 2 @ high level) is impressive. A massive jump from 7.5.

No crashes yet. However the “Video service is not responsive” hang bug still exists. Devs are working on a fix, or so they tell me… (this has been a known issue for 2 years). I’ve submitted a fresh issue report:

Haven’t had anything show-stopping yet. You still see the red ASIO clip light come on but the actual audio rarely breaks up. A testament to the newly revamped audio engine.

Not sure what you mean here. Most of my sessions are 40-60 Kontakt instances, each on an instrument track. Kontakt VSTi is set to a single core, and Cubase has multiple core processing enabled. Smooth as butter for me at 256 samples.

So far it seems regardless of on or off, there is still improvement in the audio engine. Haven’t done any serious benchmarks myself, but what I did notice is that ASIO Guard 2 is practically transparent. There are no longer any weird playback issues like with the old ASIO Guard 1 in 7.x.x.

Hope that helps.

it seems to be there are a lot of different results relating to Performance, Stability, Crashes and Real Time Peaks here right?

some says the performance was really improoved another says there is no different between 7.5 and 8

MAC Pro Intel late 2010. 3,2 Ghz. Mountain Lion, 20Gb Ram. RME Hammerfall RAYDAT.

CB8 = More stable than CB7
CB8= Less CPU peaks than CB7 (Loaded “problem projects” from CB7 era and tested)
CB8=CB7 loading time (from SSD disc and about 300-400 plugs)
CB8=CB7 handling Kontakt, Omnisphere and other heavy plugs (except for the fewer peaks)
ASIO on = ASIO off (no significant difference measured)
CB8 = Less crashes than CB7 (none so far!)
CB8 = less problems with jBridge than CB7 (however a little early to conclude).
PLAY not tested yet.

I want to stay on Mountain Lion as long as I can even if Yosemite addresses more of the installed memory, due to plugin compatibility.

Love the new color scheme (and YES it can be tweaked to look like CB7). Love the new features, especially render in place. Hate the new Instrument rack size, does not fit in anywhere on the screen. The Logic Pro copy of using 1/4 of the screen to instrument rack or media bay (or the huge floating window for the instrument rack) is IMO a wrong turn. The previous small instrument rack was one of the features that distinguished CB positively from Logic. Will never use the instrument rack to tweak plugs. Will use the plug itself as the rack only gives a few tweak options with a lesser GUI. Not having any place for the Instrument rack FU my workflow. Really annoying.

like I said… it’s very different with a lot of variation from user to user right ??