Mac users using Waves V9 Plugins

Any Mac users on High Sierra / Mojave successfully loading and using ANY Waves V9 plugin on Cubase 10 without it crashing?


Seems to work nomally on my mac, with c10 on high sierra. No crashing yet.

Which Cubase 10 version are you running hjwinge?

Are you running the plugs as VST2 or VST3 versions?

Is your machine the Mac Pro round tower?
My Mac Pro is using the AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB Graphics cards.

Need to find out why my machine keeps crashing C10 with these plugins so seeking any help I can get.


I have the mac pro mid 2012. High sierra and cubase pro 10 (testing it, did not delete 9.5 yet). I usually remove all vst2 plugs if theres a vst3 available. For example i removed the waveshells for vst2 from the plugin folder, since all my waves have vst3. I tested c10 with some of the platinium plugs v9, + schepps, ssl v10

Thanks for response hjwinge. Looks like our set ups are pretty close, so that give me some hope in resolving this.
I too remove all old VST2 most of my Waves V9 are running in vst3. So no real difference there. I too still have c9.5 in default location so that seems the same. What does your Mac system spec say your Graphics Card is? Mines is the AMD dual D300 2048mb.

When first inserted the plugins display ok, it’s when I close and reopen them in a project that I get the black blank plugin GUI and any further clicks on the plugin just crashes C10.

Still to try clearing preference files so a little way to go yet.

If there’s anything you like to compare notes on feel free.


I have just the original gpu ATI Radeon HD 5770. I haven’t done any extensive testing, just opened 9.5 projects for testing and worked on one project created in 9.5. I don’t have the issue you have with waves. The waveshell is 9.92 and 10.0