Mac Users - which OS do you use?

Hi, I’ve just realized my beloved Snow Leopard does not meet the minimum requirement listed for Cubase 7.
Is it time to update?
Which OS works for you?
Many thanks.

Cubase 7.0.3 (64 bit) with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a MBP 13" with quadcore i7 2,0 GHz and 16 GB RAM

Apart from the known issues it really works fine, it have never opened 6.5.4 again. :smiley:

Here 10.7.5 works fine with Cubase 7 (64b) on Mac Pro quad core :sunglasses:

10.8.3. here with C7 64 bit. Never crashed, not once. No graphical issues or other. Very stable.

10.8.3 No problems (a few spikes) on my MBP i7 and one hell of a problem on a core duo iMac. Also 10.8.3 Spikes all over. 60% of the time is spent resetting the driver. it occurs both on the Apogee driver (One) and on the built-in sound card.

Cheers - Pär

Edit: And I run 64-bits on both

10.8.3. Never crashed, just a few spikes.

Very stable on both. No graphic glitches AFAIK. Just spikes, where the MBP seems to absorb them - the iMac goes down.

Upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion for Cubase 7… works great!

OSX 10.7.3 on MacBook pro summer 2009 3ghz 8gb ram, works perfect :wink:


I had 10.6.8 when I first installed C7. Had loads of issues so updated to 10.8.2. Still have issues that I really thought would be fixed by now. Far from impressed.

Try 10.7, I had 10.8 before and it took loads of system performance. 10.7 is way lighter. Maybe you’ll have different experience with it.


Os 10.8.3 and 64bit, crashes on exit sometime if the session has certain plug-ins, plug in developer says steinberg has not been helpful, Not surprised, but I love both!

pst… melodyne… :smiling_imp:

No slate vcc, developer says steinberg has not been very cooperative and I totally believe them :confused:

I’m still on a 2007 8 core 3ghz Mac Pro here with 32GB ram. I tried updating from Snow Leopard to Lion recently to fix the know issues and try to improve performance with Cubase 7 in 32 bit mode but it really didn’t help. 32bit Cubase 7 runs like a dog on this machine, really quite unusable so for now I’ve gone back to Cubase 6 on Snow Leopard. Unfortunately these 2.1 Mac Pros have a 32bit EFI and can’t normally be updated to Mountain Lion and 64 bit. Having done a bit of research there is a way to use a boot loader to bypass the EFI and run in 64bit with Mountain Lion so when I’ve got some down time and am feeling brave I’ll give it a go and see if I can get back to Cubase 7. Obviously I’ve got a fairly old machine so my problems aren’t typical I’d imagine. Good idea for a post this though - be useful for everybody to hear which machines/ram/operating systems/sound cards are working well together.


good point!

I’ve tryed C7 under osx 10.7.5 and 10.8.3, the big problems seems to be working with 3rd party plugs. When people says all perfect, no problem, works great. Please try to use other plugs like Native instruments Kontakt, or IK Multimedia plugs, PSP audio, or other plugs. I’ve also found more problems with songs previously from 6.5.3 loaded in C7. Please try also to load a plug during the playback, Im trying to help steinberg but simply test it’s not useful, I think we need tests with 40tracks, 20 plugs loaded and Instruments loaded, just like a real songs.

For example users reports sinch problems when use retrologue or other stein plugs, some other have problems when exporting and the file results +6db more, and other problems, what I can suggest is to test deeply, and report all bugs, to make a list especially under osx. Please report also the visual mixer problems.

thanks to everybody


10.7.5. I have not tried 10.8. I guess I will switch with the next computer.

As I have been testing 10.8 for some time (not really convinced yet), while using 10.6 as my main working system, I’ve had no major problems using either. I delivered two projects under 10.6.8 with C7.0.1, and now the same projects open and run with no major bugs under 10.8.3. Just a report though. Haven’t put C7.0.3 under a major work load yet. All I can say right now is that the app opens considerably faster in 10.8 than 10.6.

Thanks for the replies all of you.
Still not entirely sure whether to update yet or not.
Think I might wait until UAD have fully certified their plugins as being stable with C7