Mac Users - which OS do you use?

MAC Pro Intel 3,2 GHz

Used 10.6.8 with CB 7 first - Few Spikes. No serious other problems.
Upgraded to 10.8.2 - Fewer spikes. Not really gone but rarely a problem. No other problem added.

Also upgraded memory to 20GB to run heavy PLAY plugs.

Sound card is RME Hammerfall RAYDAT. Used that for years on different computers. No problem with this configuration.

I did however have serious problems with my Win7 PC. Loads of plugs that did not go together under CB 5. That is why I changed to MAC. No regrets.

I definitely agree that C6.5 songs cause problems. Thankfully, I only had 1 project unfinished when I upgraded.

I have had no problems when using NI Kontakt or IK Multimedia’s plugs. On the other hand, there seems to be a lot of spiking when getting close to 40 tracks. Especially with lots of effects loaded on almost all tracks.