Mac Video Card for 2-monitors

I currently have a stock ATI Radeon HD 5770 in my Mac Pro, but have had issues getting two monitors working consistently together with it. I went with a single monitor with an HDMI adapter which looks great, but I really am missing the two separate work spaces with Cubase and want to go back. There seems to be a lot to choose from, but I’ve also read a lot about incompatibility and memory issues. I have two 21" VGA monitors that I would like to use. I don’t have an unlimited budget, but I want something that will work out of the box. Are any of you specifically using two monitors on a Mac and what card would you recommend as an upgrade?

Thanks for your help.

Mac is a 2x2.4 Quad-Core with 17 Gb Ram

Interesting, I currently use a 6800 series radeon and am running 3 monitors on it. Have you taken a look at the CCC and checked the settings. You should be able to push 3 displays with that card. I usually use the eyefinity for gaming. Otherwise when running cubase or normal desktop applications I keep the desktop extended across all 3 with the center being the primary.

Bah… just noticed that it was Mac… So no CCC. But you should be able to manage the displays in OSx directly.

So long as 2 are plugged in it should detect them and give you all the options to configure them there. That card traditionally supports 3 displays, and eyefinity as well.

Why aren’t you posting in the Hardware section instead of the Cubase 7 section ???

Sorry for posting here-didn’t really think about it as this forum is where I get most of my info. More traffic and Mac users here too. Was hoping to get some quick comments. I re-posted in Hardware.

B- I did have 2 monitors working on the 5770 with Dvi to VGA adapters, but occasionally on restarts one monitor would not come on. It got to where it was a real hassle to mess with. I always assumed it was the vid card as both monitors work fine independently. I figure something more robust would solve this, but I have no idea what card to upgrade to that will be Mac compatible as well as give the best performance given the demands of Cubase and digital audio.