Mac vs laptop for Cubase 7.5


Does anyone here have any experience of using Cubase 7.5 on a Mac for live performance? If so, how would you compare your experience of using a Mac for this rather than another laptop?

I’m asking as I’m looking into purchasing a laptop purely for music use - hooking up my 2 usb midi keyboard controllers and running Cubase Artist 7.5.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I do. I would strongly recommend Mac. Much cleaner and stable system. Much less issues, much easier to maintain.

Thank you for your response Martin :slight_smile: May I ask have you used non-Mac laptops for gigging?

However what if I were to use a Windows laptop that was never connected to the internet and only had the bare essentials on it. Do you think this could be as clean and issue free as a mac then?



Yes I did some years ago, and then I cooperated with musicians, whose used PC, for years.

The only one chace, how to get stable Windows system is to buy a laptop with a great hardware (all components must communicate among each other perfectly; so you need advice from some one from the music industry, who really knows). Then you have to install Windows carefully, then other software and drivers. Then, you have to tune the system. Once the system works, you must not to touch it. No more installations, updates, changes.

I use Cubase Artist 7.5 on a Dell Laptop and haven’t had any issues but the guy I am working with has a Mac and he has had all sorts of issues. He’s considering giving it to his wife for Christmas because she thinks it’s so pretty. I believe you should just use whatever computer you are comfortable with without getting into the debate over which system is better.

Wow that says a lot for Macs :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sure they have their good points, but still that’s funny.

Thank you all for your responses. In the end (after much debating and reading) I went for a Windows laptop but a custom built one from PC Specialist. That way I had all the processing power of a MacBook but for half the price; it’s small and it works like a dream. Sorted! :smiley:

Cheers all :slight_smile:

Aloha guys
Just to chime in.

I use a (black) MacBook Core 2 Duo running Mac OS 10.7 with Cubase 7.5
every Sunday at my church.

I record the service/singers/choir rehearsals etc.
I also use it play back Cubase tracks/audio files or CD’s when necessary.

I have even used it to ‘Skype in’ off-island speakers/lecturers/talkers
and then run the audio and video thru the house system.

In many years of doing this I have had no probs. (knock on wood)

Good Luck!