Mac vs PC What about anti virus

I’ve been told never to run anti virus on a PC when using it for recording. I currently have a Macbook Pro and looking to upgrade computers. I can afford the Mac but would rather not spend the extra money if I don’t have to or use the money saved to get a much faster PC. The computer will be used for music only. I’m not a computer wiz so simple is better. Thoughts?


You shouldn’t run anti virus on any computer when recording. If you need to put it on your PC, then just disable it when you are working on music, and then enable it when not.


FWIW - I only use Windows Defender that came with Win 7 - I check for updates first thing each day and run it manually almost every day. This has worked very well for me and I have yet to have any issues. I do manually check for Windows updates regularly as well. If you want to run an anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials is the only one I have used lately that does not hog resources and load a bunch of extra crap on the computer (and its FREE!). You may want to disable it while recording, though I have never used it on the studio computer - only the office etc., so I can’t say for sure that it would be necessary. If you keep your machine updated and stay away from shady sites you should not have problems.

I’ve had Microsoft security essentials on my DAW since windows 7 and it’s never given me any problems, I don’t even notice it’s there.