mac vs windows performance.

Now, i’ve been hearing lots of talk about how Cubase is supposed to be performing better on windows. I use a custom built mac. it’s made of regular semi old pc parts, selected with care mind you, but nothing out of the ordinary at all. Most macs cost a fortune in regards to performance, but thats their style. I dual boot both windows 7 and mountain lion, each with their own problems in running cubase. Issues revolve around third party problems, ie, stuff you yourself have installed/configured or problems corresponding with the different versions of a sertain plugin. I’m honestly surprised in how much complaints or questions there is regarding mac vs pc performance.

Aloha M,

I have been a happy Cubase/Mac user since 1993.

That being said for the first time I am considering
a PC for my next 'puter purchase.

Two reasons:

1-I only use my studio computer for Cubase. Nothing else.
Till C7 It only got connected to the net for up-dates/grades.

When I have tried Cubase on a PC, as long as I am in that programme
only, It feels 99.% the same as on my Mac.

2-Steiny has now (for the 1st time I can remember),
recommended computer hardware (HP series) for C7.

By using the HP rig, many possible hardware compatibility probs
are solved right out of the box

If this is what they are using
to develop Cubase, then I’m down with it.

I am about a year away from making a decision but
I will do my best to think long/hard and objective about this.

More than anything else what I want is stability.


Funny that you should put your trust in HP, of all manufacturers, a company that only two years ago said that they would withdraw from the whole PC and tablet market, and focus on corporate software. Just because they backtracked this time (due to outcry from some powerful shareholders at the time), most analysts seem to agree it is only a matter of time.

Mac rules.

here we go again . what a load of boll**** your talking complete crap

if a pc daw is built with care and attention for the intended tasks it will eat a crappy mac alive !

Relax, my comment was directed towards another Mac user lol

Nevertheless, you are wrong…(ex Mac user) :laughing:


That wont happen in this lifetime lol

Curteye - I have not read that Cubase was developed on hp machines. They possibly have a deal of some kind, involving endorsement and are recommending it.

Steinberg has been making a point of promoting Cubase on Macs.

To forum members who take comments like “macs rule” literally, it’s a joke. The joke is that it is the single most debated, dead horse thrashed subject on the Internet and that it would raise anyone’s ire after all these years

And this coming from a guy who STILL uses XP!

Actually I’m kidding. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? I did, however, safely move to Win 7 without a single issue and Win 8 is just a short matter of time. I’ve been lucky with every change and always found it beneficial to upgrade after at least six months go by since the latest release. But in any event, XP was a good system way, way, way back… :laughing:

I will move to a suitable windows version when I buy a new computer and upgrade to cubase 7, 8 or 9 64 bits or more, but since this one totaly fits my needs I don’t see any reason for an upgrade. As long as I don’t run into compatibility problems I think it is easier to keep this computer happy, instead of stretching it to its limits with an operatingsystem that did not even exist when this computer was build ( I did try w7 on this computer, but the performance was worse cpu-wise than with xp). This saves me some time too.

And the mac v.s pc thing, I was only joking, I could not care less. I left Mac after system 9.6 because I was fed up with investing lots of money in soon to be obsolete hardware again and again. Mac sells hardware as their corebussiness, the software and backwards compatibility issues seem less importent to them from a bussiness point of view.

PC’s for me are more backwards compattible, cheaper, and more tweakeble these days ( before os 10 it was the other way around as for tweakability) and thus more suited for MY needs…
I used to have multiple audiomedia nubus protools rigs, from wich the very expensive digidesign cards turned out to be totaly unusable in the newer mac computers…that’s when I started looking around for a better, longer lasting and cheaper solution. Cubase + pc + RME PCI cards has been a killer combo for me, I never looked back…