mac vs windows

if you can choose to use cubase on a mac or a pc computer (windows) witch platform wood you choose to run you cubase on.

i personally have used a windows platform based computer ant now i use mac computer.

I was frustrated with Windows, as a OS. So, I switched to Mac OS few years ago. I’m very satisfied with it.

And I never have serious problem with Cubase on Mac. I have never problem with other musical SW, and I don’t need to solve problems of OS.

In these days Windows 7 and OSX are both very good operating systems for Cubase.
But I´m frustrated about Apple´s desktop developement and their price expectations.
Now I´m personally very happy with my Win7/64Bit PC audio machine.

Wise old saying: decide for yourself!

It’s wise to decide for yourself, but be informed first. Here is one of the topics about Mac-Windows: Cubase Mac vs PC for upgrade - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

I’ve never been a fan of macs myself… was forced to use them a few years back and just never enjoyed the experience… i’m more than capable of building my own machines which will outperform a mac at a fraction of the price so in my own case it’s a no brainer!
With all the money i saved i bought a couple of UAD2 cards and a bunch of plugins and a few other bits, such was the difference in price from my own perspective.

Matjones, great statement!
P.S: I agree with you. absolutely.
ok, OSX is fine, but… erm. :wink:


cubase on windows has a snappier GUI, there’s also the big issue of ASIO direct monitoring, this is windows only so not available to Mac users at all. Cubase performs better at low latency on windows if that’s important to you,also things like EW play, Kontakt work a LOT better under windows than OSX,and cubase x64 windows is now quite a mature platform compared to OSX x64.

there’s nothing to stop you making great music with a Mac and Cubase though so it’s down to preference .


Couldn’t have said it better :wink: +1

thank you :slight_smile:

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Windows clobbers OSX for Cuabse performance at lower latencies:

in the test the use cubase 5 with cubase windows 7 64 bit.
the cubase version that the use cubase 5 did not support OSX 64 bit
cubase start supporting 64 bit for OSX at cubase 6.
so the test was windows 7 64 bit vs leopard 10.5/10.6 OSX 32 bit

so the test that the did was like setting 2 people
for a running sprint with one person with 2 legs and and the other person with one leg.

ok me be windows is better but do a honest test.

with latest os (windows 7 vs mountain lion 10.8 OSX) and same hardware configuration.

Sorry, a 3 to 10 fold increase in performance would not be had by a change of 32 to 64 bit itself.
Running Mac OSX in 64 bit has only led to incremental boosts for me, and certainly not in the realm of multiples.
That still leaves a huge gap most likely caused by the difference in implementation between CoreAudio and ASIO.

This is exactly what I’ve found out, also. Happy EX-mac user here. :smiley:

Also, it appears that streaming samples is far more efficient on W7 because most of the samples are in RAM cache automatically if they are used once or twice. A template that takes 10+ minutes to open (thanks to EW Play) would open in 2 minutes third time around, also.

it was done with cubase x86 though so the comparison at the time was completely fair, so your analogy with the 1 legged person is just not relevant.

TAKKAT’s methods are quite rigorous and fair and he wouldn’t have compared two different versions, at the time snow leopard was touted as being x64 and as the 32 bit versions of cubase were use on windows and OSX I don’t see how it wasn’t a fair test.