Mac vstpreset folder copy issue


I am having a strange problem that I hoped some one here could help with.

My system drive failed yesterday and during the reinstall process I am trying to copy a vst presets folder from another machine but i keep getting the message Cannot copy files as they are in use. However none of my software that would be using those files are active (cubase, peak and live). I have tried retreiving them via migration assistant/ with FW target mode enabled, via my LAN, and manually copying to an external device

I have rebooted both machines and still all of the files will not transfer. This is the only file folder that if lost will sadly be a lot of sound design work down the drain.

Any suggestion greatly appreciated

MacPro ( new system drive) 10.6.8 Macbook Pro 10.5.8 Holding the most up to date preset files



Not a Nac guy, but are the files marked Read Only or Blocked because they came from another machine, or the like?

That sounds accurate because I recently amalgamated my presets libraries between the two machines. So the question is how do I fix this issue so I can recover those presets ( 300 + vsti presets could be lost) and for the future how can I swap presets between machines and make sure they can be accessed on both machines.


Again, not a Mac guy but the Preferences for the files should show those attributes with options to allow use on the machine.

Just to update the post in case any other users run into similar issues.

What has happened is i used migration assistant to reinstall my account, applications, files etc. what happens with migration assistant is it will create a new account if it finds a user account on the new system because it wont rewrite a user account even if the names, passwords etc match. this creates permissions issues - significant ones! I could write a lot here regarding what was necessary to overcome this but if you have this issue check the post below from apple support discussion i started. There are a couple of really helpful posts from knowledgeable users.

The best method of transferring is via Set Up Assistant when you first start up. In fact if you start experiencing the permissions and .Kext files issues that i encountered it will be faster for you to reinstall from a clean disk. My situation was very much complicated from my using the Migration assistant and having multiple sources for the back up files and further complicated from the fact that some of these Vst presets on my laptop were corrupted.