Mac won't read disc and can't install?!

Hello, I just bought this Cubase Elements 6 software and was really excited to install, but I put the disc in and a message popped up and said, “Disc cannot be read” or something like that.

I have have the Mac OS X operating system version 10.6.8 along with 4GB of memory left. I’m not too sure why this is happening.

Anybody have any ideas?

Aloha K,

Sounds to me like the disc is bad/scratched etc.

1-Will it even ‘mount’ in the Finder?

2-Even before trying to install Cubase. can you ‘see’ it
on the desktop or in the Sidebar?

3-Is there another 'puter availble to try?

If the answer is no to either of the above and since you ‘bought’ it,
send/take it back and ask for a replacement disc.


That what I was thinking, It’s not even appearing ANYWHERE.

Bummer! Back it goes.

Thanks for the tip, back it goes.

I will PM you

Thanks for all the replies everyone. Looks like it was the damn optical drive that needed to be replaced. We’re all good and the softwares is great. Thanks everyone:D

Glad you got it sorted and a major ‘mahalo’ and ‘thumbs up’ to Melosch.