Macbook Air M2 completely reboots after opening Cubase 13 elements

This is concerning to me… sometimes when opening Cubase 13 elements, my laptop completely reboots, as in the entire computer shuts down and starts up again. It happens during Cubase’s startup/splash screen. I’m running MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1 and Cubase is 13.0.30 (Native, Rosetta mode turned off). Has anyone else experienced this?

So this has happened again. Is there some way to troubleshoot this issue?

Are there any crash log files being generated after the event(s)?

It seems to be similar to this issue here.

If it is the same then you might wait for a macOS update.

There were no crash dump files. The closest I could find, at the time of the reboot, was a diagnostic report for “ResetCounter”.

{“os_version”:“macOS 14.4.1 (23E224)”,“bug_type”:“115”,“timestamp”:“2024-04-07 19:45:02.00 -0400”,“name”:“Reset count”,“roots_installed”:0,“incident_id”:“D077DBF5-0C6F-45B6-B0D4-4C841EFF7676”}
Incident Identifier: D077DBF5-0C6F-45B6-B0D4-4C841EFF7676
CrashReporter Key: F943B10D-BD9D-0668-D261-E3F5DD402828
Date: 2024-04-07 19:45:02.88 -0400
Reset count: 1
Boot failure count: 0
Boot faults: wdog,reset_in_1
Boot stage: 0x0
Boot app: 0
socId: 8112
socRevision: 11

Looking at the Dorico post, it does seem similar. Looks like I will be waiting for 14.5. unless the ResetCounter log is of any use.

Thank you both for your help.