MacBook Air or Pro?

I’m running Dorico on an ancient MacBook Air (mid 2013 model), and, surprisingly, all in all it has been a very good experience. I even wrote a 17 minute orchestra piece with multiple string divisis this past autumn. But it’s time to upgrade and i’m wondering – is it worth to shell out my hard-earned cash for the MacBook Pro (is TouchBar of any use in Dorico’s workflow?)? Overall, i’m quite happy with Air’s form factor and price/performance.


Are you dependent on any applications/plugins that won’t run on the new M1 architecture? The Airs are now exclusively M1, I believe, but it’s still possible to buy Pros with Intel processors. I’d certainly go M1, here - you get much more bang for your buck.

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Hi Edgar.
If I were you, I would probably wait for the next generation of Macbook pros with the Apple chip inside. My 2 c.


The Touch Bar is as useless within Dorico as it is on the rest of the system, so don’t let that be the deciding factor.


M1 is what you are refering to, aren’t you? It looks to me that there are already Pros with M1.

Regarding plugins/apps – I don’t think so, but we’ll find out, eventually :smiley:

I agree. Unless you’re decided with the MacBook Air, which is going to stay for a while, new MacBook Pros are expected, both in 14" and 16" format. If, like me, you change working spots frequently, the 16" might be worth considering, specially if you work with large scores.
I own a MacBook Pro 15" from 2012. It’s quite old but also quite a beast! It runs Dorico without problems. I feel that I need a replacement, specially for the retina display, but I want to wait for the next gen of Apple Silicon processors.

Macbook pros with M1 are already available. I got my son one a month ago. There are 13 and 15" models, and hardly cost much more than the Air for the extra cores and better graphics and that touch bar :slight_smile:

There’s a 13" M1 machine; there isn’t a 15". The 16" is still Intel.

ok, thanks for that. Maybe I just assumed they would release the 13 and 15 at the same time :see_no_evil: