Macbook battery died; lost Input / Output mappings from UR44

I was playing back in Cubase LE AI 7 (32bit) when my Macbook went to sleep from low-battery power. I pulled out the USB cable, and went and charged the Mac. It woke back up in Cubase playback mode, but was playing to the internal speakers. I plugged USB back in, and it refused to reconnect to UR44 Input / Output. The Mac Sound Prefs was recognizing the Steinberg UR44 for input and output. I got iTunes to play out thru the UR44 audio output.

However, Cubase LE AI 7 showed the input and output disconnected. I went into the VSP Connect dialog, and was unable to get it to connect back up.

Any ideas how to restore the I/O mappings?

The problem resolved on its own after:

  • cold start of MacBook and UR44
  • verify System Sound Preference pointing to UR44 for audio input and output
  • tried to launch Yamaha Steinberg USB control panel (in System Prefs), shows about box
  • relauched Cubase LE AI; received dialog asking to select “Steinberg UR44” over internal hardware

correct mappings appeared to be restored.