Macbook heating up cubase 12

Hello everybody,

I’m having issues with laptop overheating when using cubase 12…
I have a MacBook Pro 16inch with all specs maxed. So I assume my laptop has enough power.
I noticed though that whenever I start Cubase 12 the fans start blowing and my Mac gets very warm after a few minutes. This without any plugins loaded, nor any audio/midi tracks created. So just an empty cubase canvas :slight_smile:
When I look at the audio performance panel , I have constant ‘processing overload’. This without doing anything.
So I’m assuming it’s related to some generic settings? Yet I don’t know much about these technical things… Would anybody know what I need to look at here? I’m thinking about buffer size or sample rate or something similar?
Don’t know if it’s relevant but I’m using an Antelope Galaxy 32 Synergy Core as sound card.

Thanks for any help, I have been bothered by this for weeks now and find nothing useful on the internet… probably because I don’t know what to look for…

EDIT: the heating itself and the fans blowing is something I could live with. Yet it’s the constant cracking and popping that makes it impossible to use Cubase. And if it matters: I have the Cubase Pro version.