Macbook M2 and Modx 7 plus Yamaha


I bought a Macbook air with M2 chip which currently runs Mac OS Ventura 13.5.1.
I have a Yamaha modx 7 plus. I am trying to connect the yamaha modx to my Macbook which has Cubase AI LE 12. Unfortunately i cannot see my Yamaha. I have installed Yamaha Steinberg driver for Mac. I have uninstalled and installed several times both driver and cubase. I have checked the Audio midi setup and the driver doesn’t appear on the list. I am not sure what is wrong. The usb i am using now is USB C ( on Mac) and usb B on Modx 7 plus. Just like the normal printer cables. I have tried 3 different cables off Amazon and still i cant get it to work. Even on Cubase the driver does not exist at all.

Anyone to help me!


curious if you found a solution as I want to buy a macook pro with m2 or m3 chip and had a feeling something like this would be a problem. I own the modx8.
If anyone can help shed light on compatability as I am running Cubase 12Pro.


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Does not seem to be compatible with Mac OS Ventura!?

I had to use midi cables from my modx to “usb c” on macbook. Works fine with cubase. Usb seems incompatible.