MacBook Power Chime looping with Dorico project open

Hi all,

So with the more recent MacBooks you have this Power Chime whenever you plug in your MacBook (which you can’t turn off without some small hacks).
Power Chime always plays through the speakers, even if your sound is muted or playing through headphones.

Since a short time (I believe shortly after Dorico 2.2 dropped), if I plug in my laptop with a Dorico project open, the last second or so of the Power Chime keeps looping until I close the project.
I’m not sure what changed or what is causing it.


To say the least, Dorico’s audio engine has not changed from D2.1 to D2.2, so it is certainly not audio engine related. But I have also no clue what is going on there…

You can stop the Power Chime from sounding when you plug the cable in with the following Terminal command:

defaults write ChimeOnAllHardware -bool false

It may need a restart to take effect.

Why a system beep should loop in Dorico, I have no idea. Do any other system beeps or audio from other apps do the same?

The audio hardware on the latest generations of Mac hardware (introduced with the iMac Pro, I believe, and since brought into the MacBook Pro line) has some very unusual behaviours in comparison to the simpler audio hardware from previous generations. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro and I encounter similar issues with sounds getting stuck when switching between the speakers and the headphones, though not in Dorico itself (e.g. sound playing through the browser will get stuck). Normally unplugging and replugging the headphones sorts it out. I believe the issue is with the new audio hardware and/or the way it’s integrated into macOS rather than with Dorico itself.

I’ve found similar solutions online, but also ones that claim that it reverts back to on over time.
I don’t particularly hate it enough to disable it completely though.

Switching between bluetooth headphones (airpods) and speakers is also something that is frustrating (I usually need to quit Dorico to switch), but I guess it’s also not something you guys can fix easily.

With the update that just dropped, I’ll perform a clean install of Dorico and see if that solves it!

I’m afraid I suspect it will have absolutely no effect. The audio engine is also essentially (or possibly completely) unchanged between 2.2 and 2.2.10.

It is completely same.

It did indeed not fix it.

It’ll be a minor nuisance, but mostly for people in my surroundings (as I don’t tend to hear it wearing headphones).