MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) 2.4GHz ?


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Just curious, what kind of performance could one expect from Cubase with a entry level MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) 2.4GHz ? :question:

Is anyone here utilizing a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) 2.4GHz care to share their experience utilizing Cubase with this laptop model ? :question:

Old Mac user here considering a laptop for humble mobile projects. 8~| :unamused:

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You did not specify how big your porjects might be, but for “humble mobile projects” performance is very good. You could be less humble and still have room to spare.


Hello SteveInChicago,

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I would say roughly at least 6 to 12 virtual instrument tracks or more. :unamused:

If you use instrument tracks plus effects you might find that you need to raise the audio buffer, which introduces added latency. I use VST intrument rack though and midi channels and Cubase rarely stutters.

With what VIs ? :question:

Can you utilize 6 to 12 VI tracks with VIs like Native Instruments, Camel Audio Alchemy, Spectrasonics and Waves Audio processors ? :question: :unamused:

Aloha Phillip,

Not a macbook pro but I use a macbook ( 2.4Ghz/13 inch (see my sig) in a live
setting every fri and sat nite for years now.

I use Sampltank/Ni/ and Vst Collection stuff.

I typically run approx 20 tracks per song and the cpu juice meter never ever gets above 50%.
Most times about 25-35%

Before this macbook I used a 12" G4 laptop with SX3.

I still keep the G4 as an emergency back-up.

No major probs over the years with either machine or Cubase but the casing
on the dongle started to fall apart.
I got a new dongle ($50) and gaffered it up like a mummy to my key ring.
Just left enough space so I can see the lil red LED inside.

All seems to be well.



Hello curteye,

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What is Vst Collection stuff ? :question: :unamused:

VST SOUND COLLECTION VOL. I Items ? :question: :unamused:

Samples (sounds) that can be downloaded (for free) and used
with the Cubase ‘HalionOne’ plug-in.

Examples: pianos drums guitars basses horns,strings etc etc

hope this helps

OK ! 8~|

I’m not really worried about the sample based VIs. 8~|

It is the raw synth and hybrid raw synth/sample VIs that I truly wonder if a 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo can handle 6 to 12 or more tracks simultaneously ? :question: :unamused:

Hey Folks,

Actually i worked on a mid 2008 MacBook (2Ghz Core Duo / 4GB Ram) with C6 the last days.
It was a sound design project for a short movie (6 minutes).
No VST or midi was used. The music and effects were arranged before and just imported as wav.
So mostly Plug-Ins like ReVerence or EQ.
At around 40 tracks a lot of crashes and drop out occur.

A kind of bad memory management or just normal behavior?

I know the fact that the old MacBooks just use 3GB of Ram, but C6 used more than 2 GB with around 40 tracks, so in this fact every! available Ram.
Anybody else got this experience with this kind of “old” MacBooks? :wink:



Hello Mate,

Thanks for your reply ! :wink:

I’m curious about the performance with VIs such as NI Absynth 5, FM8, Massive and Reaktor, Camel Audio Alchemy and Spectrasonics Omnisphere ? :question: :unamused:

Is there any one else utilizing this model of MacBook Pro for VI soft synth focused track production within any version of Cubase and OS X 10.6 ? :question:

What are your performance results ? :question:

Am I better off trying to acquire a more powerful Apple laptop for VI soft synth focused track production with Cubase ? :question: :unamused:

i use a MBP 2.53Ghz with 8GB RAM and 500GB (7200Rpm) Hard Drive, and have used Qbase 5.5.2 on it. It is Ok and you should be able to get 20 odd trax running with no probs (depending wot FX, plugs ur using) … If u really want to do urself a favour & since ur on a Mac … move to logic 9 & u could probably run 3x/4x as many tracks and the program would always be stable … + u get all the other stuff with Logic Studio (waveburner, Soundtrack Pro, mainstage, decent synths & fx etc…)!!! … I have finally concentrated on making music … :slight_smile:
Things might have changed with Q6, but i guess i’ll never know cause until Steinberg start making perf. improvements & serious upgrades on Qbase, (Sonar had audio stretch 4/5 years ago and why waste time with things like loopmash 2 … fix the mixer!! fix the stability!! better plugins!!) this is where i get off and continue with a far superior program …

Hello alfie75,

Thanks for your reply ! :wink:

Is that a MBP with 2.53Ghz Intel Core i5 or Intel Core 2 Duo CPU ? :question:

Basically looking for an Apple laptop that will be utilized as a mobile solution for VI soft synth focused track composition and sound design production. :unamused:

With decent performance. :unamused:

yeah it’s a Core2Duo 2.53Ghz & they claim that the i5 is even better… You get Mainstage with Logic studio which is made for live use & is gr8. U have the access to all of the logic synths & sounds + fx etc …
have a look at the apple website for more info … If u wanna go mac it’s probably the best option …

Always have been on Mac. :sunglasses:

I prefer to utilize Cubase. :sunglasses: