Macbook Pro 13 or Macbook Pro 15 which one should I choose?

Hi everyone

I have the chance to buy either a Macbook Pro 13 retina or the Macbook Pro 15 retina

My current PC 64bit Win 7 ultimate, i7-2600k @ 3.4ghz , 32gig drr-3 ram, C:) SSD for O/S , D:) SSD for programs (Cubase etc) E: SSD Renders. F:) 1TB HDD for Session files with there audio.

I use both Cubase 7.5 (64 bit), rewired to Reason 7.1 (64 bit) with a truck load CPU hungry VST’s in Cubase (3 - 4 even more) my cpu spikes to 50% even more because I have lots of Reason devices chained up into the rack.

So is switching to Mac platform will it be faster, smoother than how i’m using things atm?

Does the Macbook Pro 13 retina with i5 Dual core @ 2.5ghz, 4gig ram (or do i need to go to 8 gig?) handle the way I use Cubase?

Or the Macbook Pro 15 retina with i7 Quad core @ 2.0ghz, 8gig ram (or do i need to max it out to 16 gig?) be the better option?

Apple Specs:

I was looking at the topline Macbook Air & i5 Mac mini , i’m still unsure.

I been on PC Windows platform for over 20 years people say there is a huge performance difference, is there?
Look forward to your advice


  1. Cubase on Windows is slightly faster than on Mac when both computers have the same/similar (processor) specs.
  2. Both of these Macbooks have slower processors than your current system.

Make your own conclusions.

I been on PC Windows platform for over 20 years people say there is a huge performance difference, is there?

No, ther isn’t. Difference is small and Mac is slower.

Wow that’s suprising, why do people use allot of Mackbook Pro’s then? Allot of YouTube tutorials people use Cubase 7.5 with Mac OS. I like to hear from someone using latest Macbook Pro with Cubase 7.5.

Because of tradition. Ages ago Macs were vastly superior to PCs when it came to audio/video/graphiocs work. That’s why “everybody” used them and all the new guys in the industry learned things with Macs and passed their knowledge to the next generation and the next and…

While PCs have performance advantage nowadays, it’s pointless to switch and learn new system just to get that tiny extra performance.

Of course there are also die-hard Mac cheerleaders who continue to shout out the old slogans of the 1990s, like: “Macs are faster, Macs are better, PCs crash all the time”. These were true back then but not anymore and for some people it’s hard to accept the fact that world has changed. But most of the Mac users just use the system they are familiar with. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.