Macbook pro 2011 internal sound card vs. Konnekt 8

Hey guys I did a latency test comparing the MacBook pro’s internal audio card and the tc electronics konnekt 8. I was surprised to find out the MacBooks card had lower latency! Can any of you explain this to me? Shouldn’t the konnekt 8 have a lower latency :question: :question: :question:


  1. This is a Cubase 7 forum, and you already know you didn’t ask anything pertaining to C7.
  2. If lower latency is what you wish for, you have already answered your question.
  3. Please choose a relevant forum for your non-C7 relevant questions from now on.

Good luck.

How did you test this? Were both drivers set to the same buffer size?

I am using cubase 7 and tested both audio cards in that environment. Both cards were set to same buffer settings.

Hmmm. Sure?

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yes “other music related topics”

Aloha s,

1-Which version of Mac OSX are you running and are the konnekt 8’ drivers up-to-date with that version?

2-If you are running an older OS make sure the drivers are ‘compatible’ with that older version.

Personal stuff:
In the past I would never use the Mac’s built in audio gear stuff for anything even if I was doing DJ work but
as-quiet-as-its-kept, the Mac’s internal built-in audio has been getting much better in later years.
Certainly not as good as most outboard stuff but waaay better than before.
And it outputs at 24 bit. Not bad.

Good Luck!

Osx mavericks everything up to date. It’s ok I’m just a litte ocd with that kind of stuff. The konnekt is older than the mac. maybe time for a new audio card.