MacBook Pro 2020 - Upgrade to cubase pro 11 from artist 6

Hi everybody

I would like your help with something.

I used to have cubase artist 6 on a pc.
Lately I got a MacBook Pro 16 2020 and I want to install the new cubase 11 pro.

First off all, I suppose I’ll have to instal first cubase artist 6 on the macbook so that I can later upgrade to 11 pro. My problem is that I don’t have a CD drive on the MacBook (and I can’t find the software on the Steinberg site either) but lets say I’ll find a solution to that.

Now when I finally upgrade to 11 pro, after 5-6 years when I’ll get a new laptop do I have to make this procedure again? I will always have to install fist cubase artist 6 and later all the upgrades?

Another thing is, should I wait for the next cubase in November? Will Steinberg give me the opportunity to upgrade from cubase artist 6 (it’s the last in line) or it will remove it as an option?
Is there a pattern there? Does Steinberg remove the upgrade option for older versions as it releases the new ones?

Thank you

No need to do that. It’s only the update/upgrade license you buy that needs to be applied on the USB key.

That’s great! Thanks!