Macbook Pro and Presonus Firepod Won't Work - HELP!

I have a Firepod which has been working very well for the last five years. I recently purchased a Macbook Pro. At first the two were working great together. This last Saturday, I had the opportunity to record a live performance of a music doctoral student. After I set up all of my equipment and plugged the firewire cable from the Firepod into the MacBook Pro…nothing. Just the right light, and then the blue light would come on. When I went to the device set-up function in Cubase, the Firepod was not listed. Last night I downloaded the drivers from your website and loaded them into the Macbook. They indicated that there were no firewire devices connected to the Macbook. I also went out and purchased a new firewire cable. That did not work.

This seems to be a recurring problem with Macbooks. Can you please help me?


Perhaps it would be better if you post this on the Presonus Forum:
I think it would make more sense.


Guillermo is right, Presons will likely have more help for you.

One other tip, you may want to find a manual reset for the Firepod. Sometimes a manual reset will help reset the device to work with a new system. I hope this helps.