MacBook Pro, Cubase 13, Arturia 8Pre & AudioFuse Studio; need a li’l help

If you read the title above, you’ll probably deduce what I’m trying to get my Arturia interfaces to do; to work with Cubase 13 Elements on a MacBook Pro. I was hoping I could use the 12 xlr inputs on the Arturias (8 xlr inputs on the 8Pre & 4 xlr inputs on the Studio). I’m really close to getting all of it to work. Kind of. Is anyone out there doing 12 channels only, because they just wanna work in 12 channels? Don’t make it sound weird; if I go bigger, the guys will never stop overdubbing. We’ll never finish this project. Again. Hell, I DON’T even wanna let myself go past 12 channels!

What’s my first thing to do to use the two Arturias (both connect via USB C)? Hoping someone using the same stuff can save me a lotta time. It would be the treats if I could be able to record 12 channels at once, but I reckon that’s expecting too much. Ok, how about just 4 channels at a time?