Macbook pro fan noise when running C9

MacBook Pro Cubase users : I recently bagged myself a mid 2015 2.5ghz 500gb ssd 16gb iris/amd MacBook Pro to run as a 2nd machine away from my main studio (nMac Pro late 2013 6core). Whilst this laptop is able to playback heavy mix sessions created on my main machine in C9 with 50/60 tracks audio mainly with UAD plug ins - I’m getting a lot of fan noise (revving up to around 6000rpm cpu temp 60c). I’d put this down to the size of these projects – but today I’m mixing a very small project, just 2 tracks of audio with just a few UAD plugs. The load meter within C9 barely registering - but still the fans kicking in and cpu heating up to same kind of levels. This doesn’t make much sense to me : wondering what insights other MacBook Pro users may have? How many of you suffer fan noise when running Cubase?


There was an issue with Cubase 8.5, the fan was working almost all the time once you launch Cubase. But As far As I know, this As been fixed with Cubase 9.

Could you try (just for test) without plug-ins, please?

Hi I am facing similar issue. With cubase 9 running ,MacBook fan runs continuously with noise.


Me too, temp go at 85 celsius without plugins…
Yesterday it was too hot that all cubase slowed down at it was unusable.

With empty project?

Did you observe this work all Cubase 9 updates? Did you observe this with Cubase 8/8.5?

What applications are running in the background? Any ReWire application?

My MacBook fans will kick in depending on the load in Cubase 9. I got myself a usb-powered cooling pad and it definitely helps.

Same machine, same project. with both cubase 8.5.20 and cubase 9.0.20 same temp and fan speed.
I noticed a great difference if the power supply is connected or not.
Without power supply fans run at about 4000rpm
With power supply it goes at about 6000rpm.
The increase of speed occurs also without running apps from about 3000 (no PS) to about 4000 (with PS) :open_mouth:

Hi there,
Do you still have the issue with the fans running at full speed in cubase pro 9.
I have got the same issue. Nothing running in the background. I only import a MP3 into an empty session and bang the fans starts running.
I have noticed that cubase takes a high CPU & memory percentages in the activity monitor.
It is really annoying. I cannot work with this software in this conditions and I cannot find the solution.
Maybe switching to Logic Pro X which runs perfectly on my MBP (which is the same than yours MBP mid 2015 I7 16go ram).
Thanks in advance.

Couldn’t agree more! This has to be addressed. I’ve been waiting for the “fix” but nope, not here.

Maybe switching to Logic Pro X which runs perfectly on my MBP (which is the same than yours MBP mid 2015 I7 16go ram).
Thanks in advance.

I am thinking the same. Selling my C9 licence and jumping ship to Logic, so far this issue isn’t happening with logic.

Reaper and Logic Pro X seem to utilise resources a lot better than Cubase 9

Cubase 9.0.30
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB

Can someone from Cubase please, for crying out loud, listen to those with this issue! If other DAWs have no problems with macbook pro’s (professional line) then guys, something isn’t right your end!

Make a report to MySteinberg technical support with a proper test case comparing it to another DAW.

I haven’t noticed the fan working excessively with CP9. Keeping your MBP in a cool room /studio with AC will also help eliminate that fan noise…

Make a report to MySteinberg technical support with a proper test case comparing it to another DAW.

The issue is GUI. Logic Pro X is quite ok. Reaper is the best DAW (performance wise) I have used.

Cubase has been my DAW of choice since day dot.

It’s about to change. I’m getting bored waiting for performance fixes while others (Logic) seem to be doing just fine.

My MBP is on top of a powered cooler (quiet) and absolutely nothing else requesting CPU.

This is clearly a Cubase GUI issue. It needs fixed. I bought Logic, getting myself used to the shortcuts etc, the workflow and what not. If by the next update Cubase do not sort this performance issue I am no longer a Steiny customer.

MBP or MP is neither hear nor there. These are professional systems and these DAWs should be developed for the targeted systems. There is no sugar coating this issue. It is what it is and that is lack of performance optimisation for the target platforms. They will lose long time users over this, if this matters to them then do something.

…as I have said, the next update is the day I make or break. Or at the very least Steinberg tell us you are working on this obvious problem

They already said they are working on the GUI issues.

Apologies man if I cam across a little agro! It’s frustrating to say the least.

I love the DAW, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

It’s fine, and even though I’m a Windows user I want Cubase to run smoothly on MacOS too.

Go to the recovery mode of macOS and use terminal to remove the following file (with no extensions):

“/Volumes/[Your System Volume Name]/usr/sbin/spindump”

Try again. This file in some cases overdump things and such process could hog your computer seriously.

(Still I think this is a Cubase issue, but spindump does less work with those softwares which won’t receive further updates shortly.)

Nice tip!!! :slight_smile: Never thought of that one! Cheers

FYI, I had two 6 hour sessions in the 2 days and the fan on my MBP never came on.
I not saying that this issue doesn’'t need a fix. Keeping in mind the plugins and workflow
Might be making your CPU work extra hard…

The issue is to do with graphic switching. In Logic for example it uses low graphics (doesn’t look bad on the eyes either) but Cubase always forces it to switch. In a nutshell the code isn’t optimised for MacOS, at least that’s what it seems like. (I’m a programmer, not for audio engines, so can sort of get my head around what’s the possible problem - not meaning that to sound arrogant by the way).

If you set Cubase to run in low resolution then you can see a jump in performance so that tells me it’s an optimisation problem for Apple platform. It shouldn’t be this noisy when starting blank and recording a take on 2 mono audio tracks. When I say noisy I mean it’s firing them fans off like I’ve a full project happening. It shouldn’t be this bad. I expect a little fan noise but not this.

I love the DAW, I’d hate to switch but as you can see I might have to. Luckily Logic is cheap as chips and does pretty much the same but as DAWs go, I’m afraid nothing touches on Cubase (for me at least).

One of my Macbooks, the Macbook-pro I use for music and only music (2015 - I wouldn’t have bought the new track-bar gimmick) are built exactly for this purpose. I will be ditching Apple after a decade+ of using their products and maybe keep them for my daily work. I will be, not anytime soon mind you, making the gradual jump over to PC.


I forgot to mention, you sound like a lucky one!!! :smiley: Glad it’s not hitting you like it is the many others. What model of Macbook are you running? Just curious.