Macbook Pro, Firewire & the 200F Degree CPU

I’m having an overheating issue when using a firewire interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP) with my Macbook Pro. Upon connecting the firewire cable but without any apps running, the CPU temp jumps 30F degrees. When I launch Cubase, the CPU jumps an additional 20F degrees and the fans kick into high gear and the CPU is cooking around 175F degrees!!! Is this a known thing with firewire devices or am I setting myself up for major disappointment by running anything on a MacBook Pro?


Is the FW chipset Texas Instruments or other?

How can I tell? The only info listed in ABOUT THIS MAC/FIREWIRE is that the firewire is 800MB.

Ok, I think I found it via CMD/S: It says FIREWIRE (OHCI) Lucent ID 5901.

I’m, still, an OS X noob. Can you please explain what you mean with “CMD/S”? I want to see on my MBP which firewire chip is used.

TI is mandated by most interface mfg.'s due to the timing and jitter issues with others.

Hold down the command button & S during boot and you’ll see the system specs.