Macbook Pro freezes upon Dorico 2 installation

Hello! I have used Dorico for about a year now, but recently had to get replace my last mac laptop with a refurbished early 2016 macbookpro. I am trying to download Dorico 2 onto this laptop using Steinberg download assistant. However, when I try to download the “application installer,” my whole laptop freezes when it attempts to “verify” the download, forcing me to restart my computer. Any help discerning what is the cause of this issue would be appreciated.

Please try a direct download of Dorico 2 from
That does not use the Download Assistant.

Hi! Thanks for getting back to me. Now I’m unable to use playback in Dorico. I noticed on Dorico forms that people downloaded multiple versions of Halion to get it to work on their computers. I downloaded Halion 1, 2, and 3, and still I have silence during playback. Dorico said “some audio files are missing.” I have no clue what to do. Some people are saying to download use Dorico Playback but I can’t since download assistant makes my computer freeze.
Please help. I’ve been working two days almost nonstop trying to get Dorico set up. It’s really frustrating that it’s still not working.

Not HALion is the problem, but you are missing all the sound contents.
Since the Download Assistant is freezing for you (for reasons I don’t know), please download directly

Though it is the sound contents for Dorico 3, don’t worry, there is almost no difference. Dorico 3 only has some additional choir sounds, but that you won’t be able to use with a Dorico 2 license. The rest is same.