Macbook pro heat

So i have the latest cubase running on a macbook pro 2019 (monterey 12.6.6) intel.

Even though CB is idle my laptop is very hot.

I dont understand why?

A common problem on the intel-based MacBooks in combination with Cubase is the activation of the dedicated GPU. I don’t know why but as soon as Cubase is started the DGPU is activated on the MacBook. And this leads to a substantially higher power consumption - and of course heat.

Recently, I have switched to an Apple Silicon-based MacBook Pro. No problem with heat anymore.

Maybe you should try upgrading to macOS Ventura. In macOS Monterey there was a bug in the DGPU firmware/driver that has led to a rather high power consumption of the DGPU even though no external display was connected (around 18 W). This problem has been fixed in Ventura, and now the power consumption of the DGPU is lower (around 5 W).

Can you please provide a source for this?

There has been a quite long discussion on this topic in the MacRumors forum:

I for myself have been monitoring the DGPU power consumption on my old 2019 16" MacBook Pro regularly as I was having the heat and fan noise problems, too. Beginning with Ventura 13.2, the issue has been nearly solved on my machine as the power consumption decreases from 18 Watt to around 5 Watt.

But nevertheless: The DGPU is still activated as soon as Cubase starts. This seems more like a “problem” on Steinberg’s side. And this always leads to higher power consumption and high fan noise. The only thing you can do to improve things here is to switch on the “low power mode” in macOS or to deactivate hyper threading by using third-party-tools like turbo boost switcher.

What about big sur? Maybe its better to downgrade than upgrade…

As this problem has been reported from the market entry of the 2019 16" MacBook back in late 2019 until today, I wouldn’t bet on Big Sur to be any better than Monterey. Ventura was the first macOS version that seems to have improved the situation.

I suggest you start with activating the low power mode which is available in Monterey as this is the option with simply no effort. May be enough to reduce the fan noise to a comfortable level for you.

Another option might be to force macOS to use the integrated GPU by executing the following command in the shell:

sudo pmset -a gpuswitch 0

But it depends on the application whether this can reduce the power consumption or not. If you have attached an external display, the command has no effect as the MacBook has to use the dedicated GPU for any external display.

You can switch back to automatic mode with the following command:

sudo pmset -a gpuswitch 2

You are right, ventura seems to be much better. Just tried it. Its not so hot

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