Macbook Pro Suddenly unable to handle Cubase 6


I have a Macbook Pro Late 2011 Model 15", updated to latest version Mountain Lion 10.8.5

2Ghz Core i7
4GB DDR3 memory
128GB SSD + 500GB HD
Focusrite Pro40 (Firewire)

I was running Cubase amazingly well on this setup, until one day my battery died and everything went haywire. I am running the system connected at all times, and have no need for the battery.
The system started freezing and giving me extreme high CPU usage from kernel and made Cubase unusable. I was able to fix this by modifying a kext extension (Fix here: I thought the problems would end there. kernel_task CPU usage went down to 20%

Going back to Cubase - all the projects that were running 100% completely fine started acting insanely sluggish and giving me extreme unusable digital noise until I got rid of half the tracks \ vsts.

I was wondering what happened? This system was perfectly capable of running these exact same files, suddenly it is unable to handle them!

I have tried:

1- Deleting \ resetting the cache
2- Repairing permissions for hard drives (+SMART scan on both HDs)
3- Resetting NV ram etc
4- There are no overheating issues (running at 65± celsius)

Somebody please help with this issue.


kernel_task is still causing the problem. While Cubase is running at 200% , I noticed that right behind it, kernel_task is running at 25%. Its the outlier and whats causing the issue. Somebody please help me get rid of the pesky Kernel_task bug

You should check your power adapter/power brick whether its working nicely or not ?

For that i advice you to connect your Mac to your friend’s Mac’s power adapter. If this will not solve the issue then, you need to contact apple tech support. May be replacing that connector will fix the issue. And if connecting your Mac with your friend’s Mac’s power adapter solves the issue then, you need to connect your Mac’s power adapter to your friends Mac. Now if you find that your friend’s Mac starts behaving crazy then, you simply need to replace your power adapter…Not completely sure but may be this could be the solution.

Hope this helps a bit…

Cheers :wink:

Thanks Hemansu,

I think the problem is also power related. I remember reading somewhere that Macbook Pros operate at half speed when battery is not working.I believe this is the case with my current setup, however, I dont know of an app that gives out real-time CPU speed.

Hi Hash :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that it also can be a battery related issue…

With Win 7 Ultimate u will get a desktop gadget that shows CPU & RAM usage in real-time :slight_smile: I’m not familiar with Mac OS…Sorry :frowning: