Macbook Pro Users - Samples/ Projects/ OS Storage Options?

Hi Guys,

I’m a long time PC Cubase user and have always built my own desktop systems with reliable results.

I’m now in need of a mobile solution for working away from the studio and for a number of reasons I’ve decided on a 15" MacBook Pro (2.8GHz Quad-core i7, 16GB Ram and internal SSD).

My studio Desktop DAW has always had separate internal HDD’s set up as follows:

  1. OS (App Installation & Project Admin Docs)
  2. Audio Drive (Projects & Recordings)
  3. Sample Libraries
  4. Video Files

I use large sample libraries for composing to picture and I’m wondering how best to approach configuring my new system.

With read and write so much quicker with SSD is there still a need to separate the storage with different drives and or partitioning etc?

The MCP only has 1 internal SSD and I’m wondering how existing MBP users have their system storage configured (internally & externally)?

The internal SSD upgrade to 1TB from 512GB carries a £400 premium and external thunderbolt drives are much more economical.

What would existing users recommend and what are your experiences with own storage configurations?



Any MacBook users willing to advise?

I’m making a purchase this weekend so advice would be really helpful.